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Finishing Services

Blow Waves

This includes, a luxury hair wash and scalp massage.

Blow Wave - Short          $59.00

Blow Wave - Long          $70.00

Join our Blow wave Club and every 10th Blow wave is on us.

Styling & Ball

The following services are styled on dry clean hair when you arrive at the salon.  Your hair is not washed prior to this service.

Curl Me                           $55.00

Straight Me                     $55.00

Hair Up/Ball Hair UP      $70.00 - $100.00

In-Salon Bespoke Treatments

WellaPlex                          $55.00

Kerastase Fusio                 $48.00

Kerastase Fusio
& Blowave                          $91.00

Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair P.O.A

Qiqi - Smoothening, Curl Control or Straightening Treatment

Qiqi Smoothing treatment.  Express Blowout helps keep hair maintainable for 6-8 weeks. Curl Definer up to 3 months. Semi- Permanent Straightening 3-5 months.  Please email or call for further inquiries.

Thin & Delicate              $250.00

Wavy & Curly                 $300.00

Thick & Coarse              $400.00

*Price may vary depending on time.


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