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Finishing Services


Blow Wave - Short          $59.00

Blow Wave - Long          $70.00

Join our Blow wave Club and every 10th Blow wave is on us.

UpMe & Hair Up

Check out our seasonal UpMe collection on our Gallery page.  All UpMe range is styled on dry clean hair when you arrive at the salon.  Your hair is not washed prior to this service.

UpMe Range                  $65.00

Curl Me                           $55.00

Straight Me                     $55.00

Ball Hair Up Student      $93.00

Hair Up                            $83.00 - $103.00

In-Salon Bespoke Treatments

WellaPlex                          $55.00

Kerastase Fusio                 $47.00

Kerastase Fusio
& Blowave                          $91.00

Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair P.O.A

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Smoothing treatment.  Express Blowout helps keep hair maintainable for 6-8 weeks.  

Fine/Short Hair              $161.00

Medium Hair                 $214.00

Thick/Long Hair             $268.00


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