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Global Inspiration. Local Knowledge.

How it all began...

Established in 1996 by directors Paul Ganley and Wayne Richardson, the vision for Ktizo from the very beginning was to create the perfect blend of vibrant and bustling atmosphere within a setting of ultimate client relaxation and comfort.

The purpose built European inspires salon in the heart of Hamilton saw this vision come to life, creating a unique experience to enjoy, to relax, to socialise, and to come away feeling amazing.

Wayne's award winning creative expertise coupled with Paul's unique ability to craft the perfect customer experience has been instrumental in creating the largest and most reputable hair salon in the Waikato. Complementing the dynamic duo is Director, Laura Williams, a powerhouse of intuition, artistry and skill.

Together, their talent for curating Ktizo's rising stars with the lastest techniques and international trends continues to keep Ktizo at the forefront of the New Zealand hairdressing scene. 

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